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We have used Outlook Express in the earlier time, but with changing time have move on to MS Outlook. But just like we once did, some of our clientele still continue to use Outlook Express and having carried out considerable business communication via emails, now we need the DBX emails in the Outlook system as well. Plus, having the ability to Export DBX to PST we would invariably profit where it comes to extending the horizon of our business, considering the use of MS Outlook among the masses.

So for one reason or the other we need to convert the emails from DBX into the PST format and for that we need an external solution for none has any facility to automatically convert the email format. We need a solid solution to deal with this task, solid enough not to be burdened about the conversion of hundreds of emails. The method employed should be neat and organized. The issue of safeguarding information ranks high on the priority list, when it comes to choosing a conversion tool. We are looking for a tool, which is easy to use (on the technical side), so that our co-workers (who are not technically inclined) also benefits from it and Change DBX to PST as easily.

Ann Peters, Petersburg

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Well, having gone through your statement and having made a list of your all requirement, we have an offer for a solution par-excellence-, which would be DBX to PST Converter. You would never regret choosing particular utility above others. Whether it is a matter of fast method or that of easier one, this tool would invariably fulfill it for you. There is no need for you to go searching about the possibility of data loss, for with this tool there is none. Within minutes of working with this tool, you would know how easy it makes for you to convert hundreds of emails

Change DBX to PST program Attractions

  • Change DBX to PST in bundle mode
    This is the feature that will invariably come to your rescue, when you are in the midst of converting hundreds of emails from DBX to PST.
  • Conversion of both configured and orphaned email files
    Whether the email belongs to your system or you have to fetch it from some other system, the conversion process would be same for both.
  • Complete conversion of the various email elements
    - Email folder, like inbox, outbox, sent items, etc
    - Email header information, like to, cc, from, sent-date, etc
    - Original formatting like HTML, RTF, font size, font color, etc
    - Email attachments file
  • Easy and fast method
    Mere 3-4 to steps is all you need to get through for the complete conversion and the good thing is, you just lose as many minute as there are steps.
  • Compatibility of the software
    This window based utility is compatible with the various versions of Outlook Express (5.0, 5.5 and 6.0) and the Outlook (2003, 2007 and 2010).

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